Imaginary Cookies

Never give an imaginary cookie to a 14 Month Old. I am speaking from recently gained experience.

Among the numerous other toys that our spoiled older child has accumulated of the few years of his life is a set of “play” McDonald’s food. Among them are RJ’s and Tony’s favorites, cookies, fries and chicken nuggets. They frequently get grilled on the toy grill, and have been “eaten” too many times to count. However, this time was different. Tony is finally at an age where he comprehends much of what we say. Like any child that age he comes running when he hears the word cookie.

We were in the basement, the boys playroom, like we are most evenings, when RJ began playing with his “food.” He said, “Goof boys share, so I am going to share.”

He proceeded to give everyone a piece of this imaginary cookie. When it was Tony’s turn, Tony delightfully reached for some nonexistent cookie. Upon the realization that there was no cookie, Tony lost all composure. I am firmly convinced passers assumed that something heinous was transpiring in our house. Tony let out a burst of blood curdling screams that could have roused someone in a coma. Yes, it was that loud.

Like I said: Never give an imaginary cookie to a 14 Month Old.

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2 Responses to Imaginary Cookies

  1. Maureen says:

    We call treats “cookies” with my dog. At 7 years old he would be equally surprised if offered an “imaginary cookie” but he falls for it over and over. Naughty! Teasing the dog! But it is so darn entertaining and he loves the attention.

    Luckily for our species our young outgrow that innocence.

    “All contents © R. J. Carpenter 2003 – 2006. You are free to use it if you like, but please attribute it appropriately. Just out of curiosity, how many people actually read these footers?”

    I do. Or I did.


  2. Nadine says:

    My daughter has a cockatiel. He learned to imitate many things over the years (the ring of the phone, the sound of the security system when the door opened, etc.). He learned that when the dogs went outside to their “thing” when they came back in I would say “want a cookie?” for being a good dog.

    Well, that bird sits up on top of the cage and taunts the dogs with “want a cookie, cookie” over and over again. The dogs sit there and beg. It’s a hillarious thing to see. Nadine

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