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I just installed Listzilla, a Firefox extension that generates a list of installed Firefox extensions. That may seem a bit redundant, but this seems pretty useful. The developer mentions a little something about using this on a fresh install, but I would definitely recommend MozBackup for this. Even simply copying the extensions folder makes a little more sense, but I suppose you could use this extension for that purpose.

Either way, I have had many people that ask me what extensions I have installed. I am kind of a fair weather extension user and routinely have almost a hundred. For this, I removed all of the extensions that I have not used in the past couple of weeks to shorten the list. Here are the Firefox extensions that I am currently using:

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  1. InfoLister does the same thing, only it allows you to automatically upload your list as XML or HTML(link). I used this feature to create a page that always displays my current Installed Extensions. The page explains how I used PHP to parse the XML data, and create a list with links to the extension author’s site. Pretty slick.

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