Falling Apart

Part I – RJ

RJ was playing outside as the lawn was being mowed. As the lawn mower approached, RJ ran. Quickly.

He ended up atop the wood retaining wall bordering our parking lot. This time he had no place to run. As the lawn mower approached, he looked around and decided to brave the two and a half foot jump from the retaining wall. There was about twelve inches between the wall and the car parked there.

RJ jumped, grazed the car on the way down and planted his face on the retaining wall. There was lots of crying, but very little blood. RJ regained his composure rather quickly and continued to play.

Part II – Beth

Beth was cleaning the spare room in the basement. This has been an ongoing project since we moved here. Until lately, this room just contained boxes, but we are trying to make it our office/guest room. (We do not have enough guests to make it a full time guest room.)

I assume that one of the boxes has been spilled, but for whatever reason there were toothpicks all over the floor. Once of them managed to find their way through the bottom of Beth’s foot. Despite the pain, Bath managed not to use expletives in front of RJ. However, RJ was quite upset at the sight of his mother’s pain.

Part III – The Funny Part

Being the big boy that he his, RJ promptly helped his Mommy up the stairs.

“Hey Mommy, just hop on one foot. Like this.”

As my wounded wife and my wounded son made it to the top of the stairs, RJ turned and said, “Mommy, I hurt my face and you hurt your foot. We are just falling apart here.”

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I am the father of two wonderful boys, and the husband of one wonderful wife.
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2 Responses to Falling Apart

  1. Becky says:

    Thank God the injuries weren’t severe. Did you mean a WOOD retaining wall?

  2. Ron says:

    Yes, it is a wood retaining wall.

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