The Wrath of Beth

Beth had a slight altercation at RJ’s karate class. After class was over and the kids were putting their shoes back on, another boy ran full speed in to RJ. RJ retaliated. The other boy’s father turned and yelled … at RJ!

Let me state that I will chastise another child (or adult for that matter) for inappropriate behavior. Contrary to this nitwit, however, my child/wife/sibling/parent will receive the brunt of the scolding. And I do not yell at another person’s child. (Adults are a different story.) Where does that imbecile get the nerve?

Beth sprung into action and, in a way that only a mother could, told the man that his kid started the exchange, but RJ would be the bigger person and apologize. RJ did apologize and even followed it up with a hug. The father said that boys can be aggressive at that age and left.

I will admit that I can be quite aggressive, when the situation warrants that type of response. However, when it comes to children, I remember, ” A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.” (Proverbs 15:1) I was please with Beth’s reaction. She stood up for her family in a firm and diplomatic way, despite her obvious [to me] anger.

If only Beth was that conciliatory with me …


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