What’s in a Name?

Since I chose a name for my blog, I have never been satisfied with the name. The name was chosen out of necessity rather than invention. The idea was born over a decade ago, in the only class I have taken regarding teh intarweb. (Surprisingly, this was a required course for education majors.) I needed a name that better fit the persona of the site and the domain.

When my parents married, they happened to have the same initials. In a tradition that I hope passed with the Seventies, they decided to continue the tradition and name me and my sister in the same vain, with the same initials. I never quite understood their reasoning, even when I had my own children. Never the less, that has stuck with me as an ideal of family. We are all R.J.Carpenters.

When my first son was born my nearest family was over 500 miles away. I needed a way to share my experiences as a new father with friends and family. A couple of months later, rjcarpenter.com was born. Born from fatherhood, inspired by parentage … a study of family.

I have always considered my experiences those of a family guy. A family guy did not adequately describe what I was attempting. I was not only writing on family, but on all of the aspects that affect family. Parenthood, marriage and life have a very steep, never ending learning curve. What word could adequately describe all of this?

-logy or -ology: suff.

  1. Discourse; expression
  2. Science; theory; study

Life is definitely a study, and in reverence of those dynamics I chose a name.

About Ron

I am the father of two wonderful boys, and the husband of one wonderful wife.
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One Response to What’s in a Name?

  1. dad says:

    the steep learning curve seems no so steep later looking back on it. I am sure that it seems that way now. A study of family is also an ongoing thought in my world. Please keep it going.


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