Through the Eyes of a Three Year Old

Every night we say prayers before we put the boys to bed. RJ was a little resistant this evening. I corrected him by stating that I do not think that Jesus would be pleased with his rendition of his evening prayers and perhaps he should give it another try. The second time was much more sincere.

After prayers, RJ asked where Jesus lived. I said, “Jesus lives in Heaven and in our hearts.”

RJ then asked Beth and me if Jesus lived on our hearts. We each responded yes in kind. RJ then asked why Jesus lived in Heaven.

“Because that is where his Daddy lives.” I said.

RJ responded, “I want to die and go to Heaven.”

“Not just yet, Buddy. Your Mom and I would miss you too much.”

“But I would come back.”

“It does not work that way, RJ.”

“I wouldn’t talk if I were dead, Daddy.”

“That’s true, Bud.”

“But I would walk around and look at people.”



“And how many dead people have you seen not talking and walking around looking at people?”


“And where do you see all the people?”

“At the mall.”

Am I the only one that sees a little social commentary is this conversation?

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I am the father of two wonderful boys, and the husband of one wonderful wife.
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One Response to Through the Eyes of a Three Year Old

  1. Andy says:

    You sure he’s not been watching too many Bruce Willis films?
    Pretty funny though – I think he was referring to all the husbands being dragged along by their wives……

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