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I have given up on the bloat that Gallery has become.  In it’s place I am now using Plogger.

It took a total of two minuted to install.  It took about fifteen minutes to port all of my albums from my old Gallery installation and set them up in the new Plogger gallery.  It took another four or five minutes to integrate Plogger with the theme of Carpentology.

I have some work to do tweaking it to fit exactly what I would like it to look like, but it looks great, it is fast, and there is no bloat.

I also have some work to so updating links from old posts.  If anyone knows of an easy way to check links from old posts, please let me know.

You can view the new gallery at the same place.

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2 Responses to New Photo Gallery

  1. Andy says:

    you could always use mod-rewrite in htaccess to redirect the urls – just google modrewrite for more details.

  2. Ron says:

    The base URL is the same, so the rewrite for that is not necessary. However, the permalink structure is slightly different. I did use .htaccess to redirect to the “popular” galleries, but if anyone linked directly to a certain photograph they are probably SOL since the rewrite from Gallery to Plogger is different. I accommodate this by redirecting 404 calls from the gallery to the gallery search function.

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