See What?

RJ had his very first optometrist appointment this afternoon. The eye doctor said that he had a touch of near-sightedness that did not need corrected and that this is very normal for his age. RJ had his little heart set on a pair of Power Ranger glasses and was extremely disappointed that his eyes were not “broken” like Mommy’s.

The optometrist that RJ (and I) go to is the same one Beth went to as an adolescent. Her first visit was around age sixteen, and she continued through age twenty, when we got married. When we moved back to Ohio, Beth picked up right where she left off, going to many of the same physicians she did as a child. Her optometrist is no exception.

The eye doctor seems very good with children. To put RJ at ease he offered to let him sit in the doctor’s stool as he adjusted the seat up and down. RJ asked if Mommy could come, too and the doctor explained that Mommy was an adult and therefore too large to play on the chair. Beth innocently chimed in with the fact that she did play with the stool when she was younger. The doctor said that made him feel old to watch a patient of his grow and return with their own children.

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  1. Mom says:

    Poor RJ! No Power Ranger glasses, but maybe, on the bright side, he didn’t inherit many of the bad eye genes!

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