Milestones for RJ

RJ FlipThe last month has been full of a lot of milestones for RJ, the latest of which was his Karate recital this evening. The last month has included:

  • RJ’s First School Program
  • RJ’s First Optometrist Appointment
  • RJ’s First Recital

On top of this, we just learned that enrollment for before and after school care for Kindergarten is enrolling now, and school enrollment is very soon. Already it seems like RJ is growing up too fast. As soon as I get used to where RJ is at in his life he changes. Is this how all parents feel?

On a lighter note, we took the boys out to eat for dinner after the recital. Going out to dinner after a special event is a treat that I remember very fondly when I was young. RJ has been asking for Wendy’s for nearly a month, and since this was his special event we were off to Wendy’s. The boys devoured their dinner, perhaps out of hunger or perhaps out of the promise of a frosty if they ate all of their dinner. Either way, dinner was concluded with chocolaty frosty goodness.

By the time the boys finished dinner it was also past Tony’s bed time, so we took the Frosty to go. RJ could not be persuaded to part with his treat do he carried out to the car. While Stepping off of the sidewalk onto the parking lot, RJ fell. With the dedication only a four-year-old can have with a cup of ice cream, RJ held on to his treat for dear life.

Beth reached down for RJ, but he would not take her hand. RJ started to scream. Beth took the frosty from RJ as made no attempt to get up. RJ looked at the frosty in his mother’s hand. Beth said the frosty was fine and he could not have it back until he got in the car. I have never seen RJ recover to quickly from a fall.

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