What do you call more than one moose?

What do you call little boys as a term of endearment? I routinely call them “silly goose” when they are acting silly. Occasionally when they are both acting inane I will use the plural, “silly geese.”

RJ’s homework for the weekend was to read a book on baby animals. The book explained that a baby cow was a calf, a baby goat was a kid, etc. This brought up different names for animals and RJ asked why I call him and Tony “silly geese” when they are together. I tried to explain that one goose is just goose, and two or more are called geese.

As we were sitting in the couch with a large stuffed animal moose, so I asked RJ what you call more than one moose.

Without hesitation he responded, “Toose.”

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I am the father of two wonderful boys, and the husband of one wonderful wife.
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  1. Mom says:

    Thanks for making me smile. Give that boy a hug for me, will ya?

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