Pediatric Dentists and some Monkeys

I do not know how old I was the first time I went to the dentist … all I remember is that I really dreaded those visits. We started taking RJ to the dentist at two years old. I am really not sure of the effectiveness of dental visits at this age since all the teeth that they have now will fall out in a couple of years, but that is what is recommended, so that is what we do.

Tony had his first visit to the dentist yesterday. He did fairly well for only being two and a half and having a complete stranger’s hand in his mouth. Not that I would remember, but where were all the cool flavors of toothpaste when I was a kid? Tony had chocolate toothpaste for his cleaning and a bubble gum fluoride treatment.

After the boys dentist appointments we made a trek to the Columbus Zoo. The motivation was two fold … the kids got to see the animals and Beth got to go to the Parent Expo. We have not been to the zoo in about two years. This was long enough ago that Tony was more of an accessory for Beth than a patron.

RJ insisted that we see the elephants and rhinoceros first, which worked out since they were right next to each other. We made our way through the lions, tigers and bears, although not necessarily in that order. Our next stop was the reptile house where both the boys had the opportunity to pet a snake, although one of them chickened out. Can you guess which one?

We stayed at the zoo until it started to rain, but we had several good hours of watching our little monkeys.

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