How not to Change a Starter

The starter in my truck has been going for a while. I mean a year. So it really should not have been a shock to me that it finally reached a point where it was no longer reliable. (By that I mean I could still clutch start it, but there is not always a downhill grade nearby.)

Fast forward two months. (Yes, I let it sit that long. Good thing I work from home a lot.)

I was intent upon fixing it myself. Changing a starter is not really that technical, and it would save me a couple hundred dollars. That is until I got started. I decided I was not adept enough to handle this on my own and enlisted the help of a friend. About a half hour into the project we decided that we were really not sure that we could get the new starter on.

I ended up taking it to the dealer as they gave me the best estimate (shocking, I know.) I pulled into the garage at the dealership and they asked to turn off the truck. I asked the guy if he was sure about that and he said, “Oh, you’re the guy with the starter.”

I LOL’d.

I really hate paying someone else to do these types of things. I hate it even more when I have to pay them for reasons other than the fact that I am too busy.

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2 Responses to How not to Change a Starter

  1. ron carpenter sr says:

    Well after several hundred thousand miles you must expect some maintenance.  I am not sure I would have even tackled something like this to start with. (ha ha)  Probably more the close quarters than the actual turning of the bolts.  Your facilities for car maintenance are somewhat similar to that of Delta when I performed many car repairs.  Hope the next repair will be in the distant future.


  2. Russell says:

    Sounds like good fun! That is rather surprising that the dealership was the cheapest…

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