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Some Camping Firsts

Neither my wife nor my boys have ever been camping before. So I took them camping. Beth grew up in a somewhat sheltered environment, so I was a bit worried about her using the outhouse. She and the boys got … Continue reading

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RJ started kindergarten this week. I knew it was coming, but it still took me a little by surprise. I think that Beth and I were more nervous than RJ. It took a minute for him to get going, but … Continue reading

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More on Tony’s First Haircut by RJ

We thought that it was only appropriate that since RJ removed all of Tony’s hair that he suffer the same fate.

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Pediatric Dentists and some Monkeys

I do not know how old I was the first time I went to the dentist … all I remember is that I really dreaded those visits. We started taking RJ to the dentist at two years old. I am … Continue reading

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Tony’s First Haircut … by RJ

The boys each got their first haircut around a year old. Since that was a scrapbook moment, we took them to a barber shop. From then on, because of time and my frugality, they received their haircuts from me. I … Continue reading

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Kindergarten Visit for RJ

RJ had his kindergarten visitation yesterday. He was very excited. During the visit RJ got to see where he will be going to school in the fall and some of the daily activities. He also saw some of his friends … Continue reading

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What do you call more than one moose?

What do you call little boys as a term of endearment? I routinely call them “silly goose” when they are acting silly. Occasionally when they are both acting inane I will use the plural, “silly geese.” RJ’s homework for the … Continue reading

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Have you ever wondered if children remember being in the womb?

We were putting Tony to bed, when he stuck his feet in the waistband of Beth’s jeans and tried to cover his head with her shirt. When we asked him what he was doing he said that he was going … Continue reading

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Milestones for RJ

The last month has been full of a lot of milestones for RJ, the latest of which was his Karate recital this evening. The last month has included: RJ’s First School Program RJ’s First Optometrist Appointment RJ’s First Recital On … Continue reading

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See What?

RJ had his very first optometrist appointment this afternoon. The eye doctor said that he had a touch of near-sightedness that did not need corrected and that this is very normal for his age. RJ had his little heart set … Continue reading

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