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SQL Server Deep Dives

I finally received my copy of SQL Server Deep Dives in the mail today. I have waited for this book for several weeks, and am already through the first chapter. With what little I have read thus far, I really … Continue reading

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Computer Literacy

I am kind of proud of my parents.

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A Sitemap for Plogger

I spent a decent amount of time looking to see if there was a sitemap generator for Plogger. After a lengthy, fruitless search I decided I would take a stab at building my own. It checked out OK with Google … Continue reading

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Firefox 2 is Officially Launched

Go and get it!

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Windows Live Writer

I am writing this post from Window Live Writer. It seems to be all over the blogosphere this morning, so I thought that I would give it a shot. Installations was a breeze, but you are unable to specify an … Continue reading

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Bad Yahoo!

I got a little tired of trying to send and receive files over IM using Trillian, so I gave in an installed Yahoo! instant messenger and AOL(link) instant messenger again. I have had these programs installed from over three years, … Continue reading

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Score One for the Little Guy

The Consumer Electronics Association created this terrific new ad, which will run in two Capitol Hill publications today. Hat Tip: Hot Links and EFF.

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CoComment GreaseMonkey Script

It seems that everything is breaking on me today. The latest was the fact the CoComment Automatic Invocation GM script no longer works. If you installed this script before March 27:th you need to reinstall the latest version, as the … Continue reading

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Firefox Extensions

I just installed Listzilla, a Firefox extension that generates a list of installed Firefox extensions. That may seem a bit redundant, but this seems pretty useful. The developer mentions a little something about using this on a fresh install, but … Continue reading

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No More FrontPage

Not that I think too highly of FrontPage (anymore), I am disappointed to see it drop from Microsoft’s roster. Microsoft will close the book on its FrontPage Web-design program with the release of Office 2007, formerly known as Office 12, … Continue reading

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