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New Theme

Well, it isn’t a new theme, but it is certainly new to me. Please pardon any bugs or formatting issues. I have always used very customized themes, so using an “out of the box” theme will take some getting used … Continue reading

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Another New Template

I guess I get bored easily. Or maybe I get a little pissy when people jack my graphics and use them on the parked domain carpentology.com. I do not now, not have I ever had intentions of purchasing that domain, … Continue reading

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We’re Baaaaaaaaaaaack!

After a long tiff with my hosting company Carpentology is back on a new server.

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New Name, New Theme

I changed the name so a change in the looks was not far behind. I have nicknamed this theme Big Sky. I started going for a nature theme, but it kind of turned Monthy Python-esque, so I went with it. … Continue reading

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What’s in a Name?

Since I chose a name for my blog, I have never been satisfied with the name. The name was chosen out of necessity rather than invention. The idea was born over a decade ago, in the only class I have … Continue reading

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Upgraded Photo Gallery

I finally got around to upgrading the photo gallery from Gallery 1.5 to Gallery 2.0.

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Lately, A Family Guy has been taking an abnormally long time to load. It was even noticeable on my connection, so I am sure that it was even more noticeable on dial-up or DSL. I have been trying to figure … Continue reading

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Where’s Home?

OK, why did no one tell me that I forgot to link the header to the root of the site when I put the new header image?

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Measure Maps

I am always looking to try something new when it comes to this site. My latest trial is Measure Map, a site statistics tool. There is a screen shot below. Hopefully I will get some more time to play with … Continue reading

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Design Ideas

Beth has decided that the site is too plain. I am therefore going to do a grand redesign, most likely abandoning the Kubrick style pages I have plagiarized used as a model and inspiration for so long. My current theme … Continue reading

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