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Gallery Updates

I have found a new interest in Gallery. I have abandoned Simple Gallery, and given up to the fact that Gallery will never fit inside a WordPress template.

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I have abandoned Favatars in favor of Gravatars. You can see them in action when you make a comment.

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Server Upgrade

My re-hoster was doing server upgrades last night. I really wish that they would tell me these kinds of things. It seems like I am the last to know. I was never told that they were upgrading the web mail, … Continue reading

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I have upgraded AFG to WordPress 1.5.1. I have given up the nightly builds for the time being, although I still read the daily discussions and digests.

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I am on the eve of the my first release of a WordPress theme. I know that a lot of people can make better themes, but this is my first one that I have put out, so I think that … Continue reading

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Renewed Vigor

I have decided it is time to finish my own theme for WordPress 1.5. I have been looking to complete since the final release of “Strayhorn,” but after a month and a half of using my laptop, which has a … Continue reading

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Saved by the Bell

I almost forgot to renew my domain registration and my re-hosting service which expires today. I remembered with literally minutes to spare. I am glad that the billing department works on Saturdays.

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Where did all the comments go?

What happened to people commenting on my site? This is neither a high traffic nor highly commented web log, but I usually get a couple a week. I have now not had a comment in almost two weeks a week!

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Threaded Comments

I have just installed Brian’s Threaded Comments for WordPress 1.5. I have been looking for something like this for a long time, and I could never get it to work quite right on WordPress 1.2.X. You can toggle the visibility … Continue reading

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In Line Editing

Are you tired of having to go through the administrator interface to edit some small item in your WordPress post? Then try out this in line editing plug-in/hack from Twilight Universe. I am especially picky about spelling and grammar mistakes … Continue reading

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