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So the site has been getting unbearable slow lately and I just realized that I have not optimized the database lately. I have been meaning to get around to migrating to a new database since the current database has been in place since WordPress 1.2, with constant upgrades.

I tried the export/import feature, but the imported only imported about forty of my posts. It was pretty quick, but I did not want to do without the other 98% of my posts.

I ended up going into phpMyAdmin and doing a repair and optimize. I was looking around to see if there were some other utilities out there and found WP Optimize. I like the size of this utility, but ultimately thought there were better options out there.

I found WP DB Manager filled 90% of the reason I have to sign into phpMyAdmin. This plugin also includes some nice database backup functionality, including scheduling, that may replace WP DB Backup for me.

Lastly I tried Clean Options. This is a nice utility to help clean orphaned records from the options table, which in my case was the second largest table in the database. I quickly ran the utility and deleted 50+ old options. Once very nice feature of this plugin are the Google links to the option to help in determining whether the option is safe to be deleted. I am really indifferent with this plugin, especially since I could probably filter through the options just as fast manually as I could with the plugin, but it is nice to have GUI to work with.

In the end, it really does not matter what you use, just so long as you do it. 🙂

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